Our Story

Buqe is a manufacturing company that initially produced natural soaps but has since expanded
its product line to include various other skincare products.

We currently offer a range of 15 handmade products, including scrubs, skin care creams, and
body butter, all crafted from natural resources. Our products are of exceptional quality and have
been rigorously tested on various skin types prior to release in the market.

In an effort to promote eco-friendliness, we have shifted our focus towards creating soaps
without additives or synthetic colors. Instead, we are emphasizing the use of natural oils and
herbs, which are extracted using natural methods.

Our company manufactures all-natural, handmade skin care products that are certified by MOH,
GMP, and ISO. What sets us apart is that each of our products is made with care and love

Hour Of Operation
Monday: 9-7 PM
Tuesday: 9-7 PM
Wednesday: 9-7 PM
Thursday: 9-7 PM
Friday: 9-7 PM
Saturday: 9-7 PM
Sunday: Closed

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